Windows - Help with mining

With Credit to: AtomSea

These are a work in progress, if you think you can improve them let us know

Recommended Windows Setup:
- Machine: 64 bit Windows 7, all the .net updates fully updated.
- GPU: R9 290, with Catalyst Control Center 15.7.1 installed.
- Mining program: eXtremal's 9.4.1 miner.
~ Make sure your Windows machine is fully updated, especially the .net updates.
~ Install Catalyst Control Center from their website, I'm using 15.7.1. (it has drivers the miner needs).
~ Go to and dowload miner version 9.4.1, extract it into a file folder.
~ Open the folder dtcclient_v9.4.1.
~ Open config in notepad.
~ Note that you'll see some references to xpm, don't worry about that.
~ change address "DKl3....." to a Datacoin address you control.
~ change cpuload to zero (unless you want to use your cpu, but if you're GPU mining it isn't much compared to a 290, it's not worth the stress to your cpu UNLESS you are ONLY mining with your CPU, then by all means, let one or two roar away, with today's diff, you should come away with a few).
~ My machine is running on all the other defaults.
-Server is set to
-Target ="9"
-width="20", etc.
-alter devices if you wish to leave some gpu's idle.
~ Save the config file.
~ Double click xpmclient to run the miner. 
The CPD on one R9 290 is 185. 
Other radeon cards may respond better to the other miner versions, or another catalyst program, and/or altered settings. 
Known glitch of this miner:
~ Only "X" the program out, don't ctrl c or ctrl q out, it may crash your machine (not sure why).

Linux - Help Setting up a wallet

We are not there yet, have you got a writeup that will walk a user through this? If so Let us know