Windows - Help Setting up a wallet

With Credit to: AtomSea

These are a work in progress, if you think you can improve them let us know

~ Download the DataCoin wallet (Follow the links on the main page)
~ Unzip it
~ Run datacoin-qt 
~ After the wallet boots up, you'll notice that it doesn't connect to any active connections.
~ To fix that, go to the 'Help' tab on the top, then 'Debug window'
~ The 'Console' tab comes up.
~ At the bottom of the Console tab you can enter commands to the wallet.
(See the "Current Nodes" section on the main page to get the latest list of active nodes)
-- type the following:
addnode add
then hit return and enter the rest of the node from the "Current Nodes" section on the main page
~ Your wallet should now connect and start to sync

Linux - Help Setting up a wallet

We are not there yet, have you got a writeup that will walk a user through this? If so Let us know